About Us

Our Story

I was selling time shares in Sedona Arizona in 2013 - 2014. I started messing with a radio station. It was cool but I was meeting a lot of talented musicians and bands so in 2014 I started Michael's Music Blog. I had a two week shut down for a procedure (An Ablation) and now I am back with a ROCKIN Vengeance.

Yup, that is me and the pup when she was tiny.

What Inspires Me


Magick, Mystery and Music.

I am very picky!!!

ONLY the best of Independent Music

 I am looking for 


 of all genres!

Bad Mary Pictured.

Our Influences

My influences were, on getting started, Nathan Payne and the Wild Bores, Abandoned Mansion, Week13 

and many many others. 

As far as my ART, I practice the Magick of Symbols, Colors, Stones and Crystals. 

 I make Magickal jewelry while I listen to my 

Favorite Independent Music.

Steve Purcell and Ace Frehly Pictured.

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